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【明报专讯】Eason doesn't want to be the loser anymore. He has come up with an idea - installing CCTV in the Smarties' base to eavesdrop on their discussion on the coming fights.

“ Eason: Big brother is watching you...Haha.. ”

“ Eason: I'm going to beat you all! ”

“ Eason: Stop idling! Tell me how you did it! ”

???nglish highway:Idle

"Idle" can be a verb or adjective describing people not working or producing anything.

e.g. Instead of working, she was idling away her time.

The workers in the factory have been idle for a week.

■Know more

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data (个人资料私隐专员公署) has released guidance on the use of closed-circuit television (CCTV) for surveillance purposes. Before installing a CCTV system, the data user has to decide whether it is necessary to carry out CCTV surveillance covertly, and has to find out the concerns of the people being affected and address them. The cameras should not be installed in places where people are expected to enjoy privacy, such as changing rooms or washrooms. There should be explicit notification of the cameras' presence.


eavesdrop (v) 偷听

surveillance (n) 监视

covertly (adv) 暗中

explicit (adj) 明确的

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