Brain teaser:What am ''I'' ?(图)

发布 : 2019-9-18  来源 : 明报新闻网



【明报专讯】Not a fabulous royal sceptre (权杖),

I'm just a humble helper

Or at most a real protector.

Not as little as a toothpick,

I'm used by old people as a walking stick

Because I'm not easy to break.

Open me and turn me upside down if you wish.

I resemble a telescope's dish (接收盘)

Which protects you from water with no fish.

Some of my kind look compact (小巧的),

But are still useful no matter the streets were jam-packed

With passengers or slack.

When you hear the pitter-patter, you know that is a bad omen (预兆),

And you need to click the button,

Or else you'll surely be wet in a sudden.

(Answers on next text)


cross (adj) 恼怒的

scout for (v phr) 搜索

tension (n) 紧张局势

jam-packed (adj) 挤得水泄不通的

[Smarties' Power English 第252期]