Horizon:Where do Heads of Government live?(组图)

发布 : 2020-9-16  来源 : 明报新闻网


United Kingdom - 10 Downing Street

Hong Kong - Government House

Czech Republic - Prague Castle

South Korea - Cheong Wa Dae

【明报专讯】An official residence is where the head of government lives. Some government leaders occasionally invite their honorable guests to dinner at their official residence. Some chose not to disclose where they live. Besides the White House, where the US president lives, can you name some of them?

◆United Kingdom - 10 Downing Street

10 Downing Street in London is where the British Prime Minister works and lives.

The building is larger than it appears from its frontage. It contains approximately 100 rooms!

◆Hong Kong - Government House

The Chief Executive lives in Government House (礼宾府). The gardens are opened to the public for flower viewing on some occasions. Visitors will be able to see the blossoming azaleas (杜鹃花).

◆Czech Republic - Prague Castle

Prague Castle, the largest coherent castle complex in the world, was most likely built around year 880. Despite its spectacular design and splendid history, it is often reported that president choose not to live inside.

◆South Korea - Cheong Wa Dae

Cheong Wa Dae (青瓦台) is often referred to as the ''Blue House''. Inside the Cheong Wa Dae complex, there is a large garden. A gigantic and symbolic tree, which dates back to 160 years ago, is located in the garden.


honorable (adj) 值得尊敬的

disclose (v) 披露

frontage (n) 房子的正面

symbolic (adj) 具标志性的

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