Infographic:Demographics of Hong Kong(组图)

发布 : 2021-1-13  来源 : 明报新闻网


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【明报专讯】Demography (人口学) is the study of populations and the related information. There are different components in the study of demography, including birth rates, death rates, and population. Try to answer the following questions, and test how familiar you are with the statistics in Hong Kong!

■How big is the population of Hong Kong?

7,509,200, in which around 4.08 million are female and the remaining 3.4 million are male.

Noteworthily, 18% of the population were above 65 in 2019.

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■Have you heard of population ageing?

It is the phenomenon of a rise in the life expectancy (预期寿命) and a fall in birth rates, which together cause the age group of people over 65 to become a significant proportion of the entire population.

◆What were the numbers of births and deaths in Hong Kong, 2019?

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◆What were the life expectancies at birth of the Hong Kong population in 1986 and 2019?

Life expectancy of Hong Kong in 1986 and 2019

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These figures are impressive in comparison to other cities in the world, as life expectancy in Hong Kong is one of the highest in the globe.◆

Demographic information is inevitably affected by different societal events, for example,public health issues. COVID-19 has apparently affected people's willingness to marry or give birth. Can you guess how COVID-19 will affect the above statistics?

Source : Census & Statistics Department


component (n) 部件

familiar (adj) 熟悉的

phenomenon (n) 现象

inevitably (adv) 无可避免地

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