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发布 : 2021-1-13  来源 : 明报新闻网


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【明报专讯】Next Saturday (January 23), the MTR will launch its new QR code payment service in co-operation with AlipayHK. With an easy tap and scan when passing entry or exit gates, passengers can enter or leave the paid area more conveniently and seamlessly (流畅地). The payment system will be exclusive to AlipayHK's EasyGo (「易乘码」) service for 12 months.

The service will be available on other e-payment platforms in the future, with credit cards joining it in 2023 at the earliest. To make the special gates easily noticeable, at least two entry or exit gates in purple will be available for QR code payment at each of the 93 heavy-rail stations, except those of Airport Express. Do you think it will make passengers' journeys easier?

■Today's Ming Pao News from Hong Kong, China and the Valid for 30 days

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