Grammar:Lay, lie(组图)

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【明报专讯】The Smarties are rehearsing a scene from Romeo and Juliet for the drama festival. Which scene are they doing?

Bill: Quick everyone! Let's get ready. Juliet, you need to lie down in the coffin and keep very still so that everyone thinks you're dead for real.

Pat: No problem. Can I lay some rose petals around the coffin to make the scene more romantic?

Bill: That's a good idea. Now, Juliet's maid, you go to Romeo and tell him his lover is dead. Be very emotional so that he won't realise that you are lying.

MoMo: Understood. I will cry my heart out.

Bill: Now let's start rehearsing... Wait, who let the scripts lie around on the stage? Get rid of them immediately! We are running out of time!

To lay something means to place something in a certain position, especially when it is done carefully and gently. Pay attention that an object is needed for "lay".


She laid a large mat on the grass before we sat down and ate. (Object: a large mat)

To lie means to rest in a horizontal position instead of standing and sitting, or remain in a flat position. No object is required.


I am dizzy. I need to lie down.

To lie can also mean to tell something untrue on purpose.


You shouldn't lie about your fever because others may get infected.

(See table)

◆Now you try

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of "lay" or "lie".

1) Can you help me _______ the table? There are too many knives and forks!

2) Don't _______ on your stomach when you sleep. You won't be able to breathe properly.

3) The government complex _______ in the centre of the town.

4) Dad ________ aside his newspaper and answered the phone.


rehearse (v) 彩排

emotional (adj) 情感丰富的

get rid of (v phr) 扔掉

infect (v) 感染(疾病)

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