Game:Italian restaurant(组图)

发布 : 2019-5-15  来源 : 明报新闻网


Game 1(明报制图)

Game 2(明报制图)

Game 3(明报制图)

【明报专讯】Dr Panda is helping his friend, an Italian chef, to open a new restaurant.

■Game 1

The chef has prepared the menu but he's afraid his customers can't understand it so he asks Bill to help him describe the dishes. Can you match the dishes with the descriptions?

(see picture)

■Game 2

There is a neon sign on the billboard. Can you connect the dots and find out what is it?

(see picture)

■Game 3

Pat is on a diet and she's calorie-conscious. A pizza contains 3600 kcal. Pat ordered a pizza for eight friends in a party but two of them said they can't make it to the party today. How many more calories will Pat consume if six of them share the pizza equally?

(Answers on next text)


hind (adj) 后方的

on a diet (adv phr) 节食

conscious (adj) 关注的

cannot make it to... (v phr) 未能赴约

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