Grammar : Baggage(图)

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【明报专讯】Bill has a school trip tomorrow, but all he's been doing is sit on the floor and groan.

Pat: It seems that Bill doesn't want to go on this trip at all.

Momo: Look at all his clothes scattered on the floor. I can't stand the sight of them! I am going to start helping him pack.

Dr Panda: MoMo's right, this is unacceptable. The bus leaves tomorrow morning at 6 am.

Momo: I don't think he can fit all that stuff into the bag. The baggage will be so heavy it'll crush tiny Bill.

Pat: Why is he so scared of going on this trip?

Dr Panda: I think this might be related to the trip last year. Bill told me that a few kids trapped him in the toilet. He cried for help for an hour until somebody finally got him out.

Pat: Such bullies! Bill was probably too scared to confront them later.

Dr Panda: That's right. He's been carrying the emotional baggage of that since.

Momo: If I were Bill, I would definitely report them to the teacher.

Bill: Guys...Are you going to keep pretending that I'm not sitting right here? Leave my baggage alone!

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The adjective preceding a noun can modify what the latter means. "Baggage" means the bags, cases, etc. that contain somebody's things when they are travelling.

e.g. I had to pay extra for my excess baggage.

"Baggage" can be modified by adjectives like "emotional" to convey a metaphorical meaning of "baggage", i.e., the beliefs and attitudes that somebody has as a result of past experiences.

e.g. We all carry a lot of emotional baggage.

■Gear up

Choose the correct answers.

1. She went through customs and collected her (emotional baggage/baggage) from security.

2. How much (emotional baggage/baggage) is she bringing with her into the marriage?

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groan (v) (表示痛苦的)呻吟声

confront (v) 跟……对质

precede (v) 处在……之前

metaphorical (adj) 隐喻的

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