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发布 : 2020-3-25  来源 : 明报新闻网



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Sun Yang (central) and his Australian rival Mack Horton (left) during the men's 400m freestyle medal ceremony in 2019 World Aquatics Championships (世界游泳锦标赛).

A half-finished flyover at Tsuen Tsing Interchange on Texaco Road.

A passer-by and a No Time to Die poster in Bangkok.

【明报专讯】SUN YANG, a well-known Chinese swimmer, has been banned from competition for eight years by the Court of Arbitration for Sport for violating anti-doping rules (反禁药条例). Swimming Australia (澳洲游泳总会) would also like to have his gold medal cancelled and transferred to Mack Horton, Sun's rival, who had protested Sun's qualification. Sun said he would appeal the ruling.

Idle flyovers need revival

THE Office of the Ombudsman (申诉专员公署) published an investigative report, in which it finds that there are currently 29 idle flyovers (天桥) or ''bridges to no-where'' in different districts, one of which has been left unused for 39 years. The report says that might hinder development on new roads, allow traffic jams to persist and make the public think that the government has not properly planned out their use. It suggests regular reviews of their planning.

No time to spy

INDUSTRIES are facing a tough time during the coronavirus outbreak, and the global film industry is no exception. Box-office losses and production costs might amount to about HK$39 billion. No Time to Die, the latest James Bond spy film, cancelled its Beijing premiere and its release will be postponed until November.

■Gear up

According to the passages on this page, answer the following questions.

(1) The global film industry is facing a difficult time. ( True / False )

(2) Sun Yang found the ruling appealing. ( True / False )

(3) There are traffic jams on the 29 idle flyovers or half-finished bridges. ( True / False )

(Answers on next text)


appeal (v) 上诉

idle (adj) 闲置的

persist (v) 存留

postpone (v) 延后

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