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【明报专讯】The Smarties bump into Eason but there is something off about him.

“ Bill: Ea...Ea...son? ”

“ Pat: Hey! Why are you sprinkling some white powder on the road? ”

“ Bill: Are you the Eason we know? ”

“ Eason: Yes, I'm your enemy, Eason. I'm following the hairstyle of Marie Antoinette. ”

“ Bill: You got loads of dandruff (头屑) in your hair! ”

“ Pat: You should wash your hair every day. ”

◆Know more

Marie Antoninette (1755 - 1793), an Austrian princess, was the wife of the French king Louis XVI. Their marriage was arranged in order to maintain peace between the two nations.

She lived a very lavish lifestyle. The French people hated her because they believed that she spent too much money, leading to the financial crisis. She was reported to have spent lavishly on fashion, jewellery and new decorations at the palace.

The French people were angry at the king and the queen for a combination of different reasons. They caught the king and the queen and put them to death.

???nglish highway:There is something off about someone

''There is something off about someone'' means there is something strange or unnatural about the person.

e.g. There must be something off about him today.

I could not explain why but I felt there was something off about her.


sprinkle (v) 撒

lavish (adj) 胡乱花钱的

crisis (n) 危机

combination (n) 组合

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