Comic:Three-tier film classification system(组图)

发布 : 2019-10-09  来源 : 明报新闻网



(picture 2)(明报制图)

【明报专讯】Eason had a film ticket. He went to the cinema by himself. The Smarties were also at that cinema.

“ Eason: WOOHOO! Can't wait to watch this new superhero film! ”

“ Worker: Please show your identity card. ”

“ Eason: OK! ”

“ Worker: House 3, you may go upstairs. ”

“ Eason: Thank you! ”

“ MoMo: That is a forged Hong Kong identity card. Moreover, it's a Category III film! You can't get in! ”

???nglish highway:moreover

We use ''moreover'' to add information. It means ''also''.

e.g. He does not hand in his homework. Moreover, he is always late.

She likes dancing and, moreover, is very good at it.

■Know more

In many countries, films are given a rating before release. The ratings show how suitable the films are for different age groups. This can protect young people from harmful content. In Hong Kong, we use the three-tier film classification system as follows: (See picture 2)

It is illegal to show Category III films or sell Category III video discs to people under 18.


category (n) 类别

rating (n) 等级

release (n) 上映

harmful (adj) 有害的

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