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【明报专讯】HO Iat-seng (贺一诚), the former president of Macao's Legislative Assembly, is the newly-elected Chief Executive of Macao. Despite having kept a low profile over the past years, he won the election in an uncontested race, receiving 392 out of 400 votes. He will be officially sworn in as the next Chief Executive of Macao on 20 December 2019, the 20th anniversary of Macao's return to China. (photo.1)


THE medal for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games will feature a traditional Japanese fan motif. The symbolic meaning is that the games will be "the source of a fresh wind blowing through the world". The words "Tokyo 2020" will be inscribed in Braille (点字) on the obverse, while the reverse will feature rocks, flowers, trees, leaves and water. About 5000 medals will be made from recycled electronic devices donated by Japanese citizens. (photo.2)


SINCE 1 September 2019, hotels in Guangzhou have stopped providing guests with free disposable items like toothbrushes, combs, razors, nail files and shoe wipes. Guests should not expect to get disposable cutlery in hotel restaurants either. The hotels are suggested to promote the sale of reusable travel kits for green living and consumption. (photo.3)

■Gear up

(1) Ho Iat-seng is the current Chief Executive of Macao. True/False

(2) Braille is used by people who are (visually / hearing) impaired.

(3) Find a word in the passage which refers to "knives, forks, and spoons".


(Answers on next text)


uncontested (adj) 无竞争的

swear in (v phr) 宣誓就职

motif (n) 主题

disposable (adj) 即弃的

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