DIY:Bouncy paper toy(组图)

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【明报专讯】It is time to use your creativity and make whatever that crosses your mind. This bouncy paper toy is easy and fun to make and will bring you joy when you press it.

◆Materials and tools

˙Coloured paper or cardstock

˙Glue / double-sided tape

˙Marker pens

(1) Prepare eight paper strips of 1 cm x 10 cm.

(2) Glue two paper strips together to make a cross.

(3) Glue another paper strip on top. Stick one more paper strip on top.

(4) Glue the two ends of each paper strips together to make a ball. Make another ball with four paper strips. Stick two balls together.

(5) Decorate your paper toy by adding eyes or other facial features.

(6) Press it from the top and see how it bounces!

◆Quick tips

˙You can make a smaller paper toy by using shorter paper strips.

˙You can make any animal you like or even a snowman!


bouncy (adj) 有弹性的

strip (n) 细条

feature (n) 面貌

bounce (v) 弹起

[Smarties' Power English 第274期]