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The reservoir was slackly inspected.

The tunnel is choked up with traffic.

19% of kids in China aged 6 to 17 are also overweight.

【明报专讯】AN UNDERGROUND RESERVOIR at Bishop Hill (主教山配水库), Sham Shui Po, which fell into disuse many years ago, was nearly levelled by bulldozers commissioned by the Water Supplies Department (WSD), which has triggered a public outcry. The WSD had consulted the Antiquities and Monuments Office (AMO) (古物古迹办事处) about the demolition work. The AMO had raised no objections. Also, it has not started examining the area, which includes Roman-style arches dating back to 1904. The authorities have promised to preserve and restore the reservoir.

A new tunnel

TUEN MUN-Chek Lap Kok Tunnel (屯赤隧道), the longest tunnel ever in Hong Kong, opened in the morning on December 27, with people just going for a leisure ride forming a long tailback. As reported by local media, drivers were satisfied with the signage, and motorists said it has saved them about 20 minutes. It takes at least about 40 minutes to drive from Tin Shui Wai to the airport. Now only around 20 minutes is needed. The new tunnel project is expected to strengthen Hong Kong's role as an aviation hub (航空枢纽).

Healthier and heavier

LATE last month, the State Council Information Office released the Report on Chinese Residents' Chronic Diseases and Nutrition 2020, which shows that mainland citizens' nutrition data has improved, and people are getting taller. However, Li Bin, vice minister of the National Health Commission, said that results show Chinese citizens were faced with severe health issues, with more than 50% overweight and obese adults.

■Gear up

According to the passages on this page, circle the correct answers.

(1) The reservoir at Bishop Hill was built during the Roman era.

( True / False / Not given )

(2) The government thinks the tunnel can help the aviation industry grow.

( True / False / Not given )

(3)More than half of Chinese adults face issues of overweight and obesity.

( True / False / Not given )

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disuse (n) 废弃

bulldozer (n) 钻土机

leisure ride (n) 游车河

tailback (n) 车龙

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